Home Sweet Cabin...


We take great care to provide campers with a warm and welcoming home away from home. Nestled amongst the meadows, stream, and hillside our cabins are grouped in clusters based on age and gender.  We are lucky in that our location in the mountains allows a cool mountain breeze to provide plenty of fresh air at all times. All cabins have electricity and lights and are beautifully maintained.  Girls' cabins have bathrooms inside the cabin while the boys utilize a shower house adjacent to their cabin.  Showers include a private changing area.  

Cabin Placement

Campers live in cabins and are grouped by age. We allow bunk requests for friends who wish to live in the same cabin but limit that number to allow opportunities for forming new friendships.


Our fun-loving counselors stay in cabins with campers maintaining a minimum staff to camper ratio of 1:6. In addition to cabin counselors, we employ Unit Leaders who live in a cabin with campers and manage a group of cabins. Unit Leaders know each child in their cabin division, first hand, and are closely connected to the daily routine and events of the day for each cabin. 



Friendships formed


Campers quickly realize that we offer a very welcoming environment at Camp Hidden Meadow.  First-time campers are soon veterans and strong bonds are formed quickly.  Friendships formed at camp can last a lifetime. 

Meet Our Staff

Our staff will ensure that campers are safe, happy and having the best summer ever. 
American Camp Association Accredited

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