Philosophy + Mission

At Hidden Meadows, Acceptance is a Tradition

Our mission is to provide a timeless sleepaway camp experience that empowers all kids to shape their own adventure, step outside their comfort zone, create lifelong friendships, and develop a lasting sense of belonging.

Our Philosophy

Summers at Camp Hidden Meadows are special. And you don’t have to be “daring,” “outgoing,” or “sporty” to think so. Hidden Meadows offers campers a chance to define “adventure”—and themselves—however they like.

Summers at Hidden Meadows are a space apart, where kids find new friends, new confidence, and new memories that last way beyond one summer. Our activities are timeless but we’re not bound by tradition. We know every summer will be as unique as our campers; that’s why our community gives kids the safety and confidence they need to set out on their own path.

No homework. No scrolling. No pressure to succeed at anything but being themselves. And we think that’s the best way to spend a summer.

When children and families have so many ways to spend their summer, why should they choose overnight camp?


We offer more than just a fun-filled day of activities; we provide a fully immersive sleepaway camp experience that doubles as a community. By being a part of a shared journey, campers can weave their own extraordinary story, rather than merely filling time.


Summer should offer a distinct escape from the competitive expectations and endless notifications of everyday life. It’s amazing what a few weeks without a phone and without pressure to succeed will do.


The experience is truly about them as individuals. Camp Hidden Meadows is a place where campers shape their own routine and activities. It’s a chance for them to embark on a journey of self-discovery, designing their perfect summer themselves.

What we don’t have at CHM

Competition, Grades, or Superlatives

Without the pressure of evaluation, kids can safely step out of their comfort zone and try activities they wouldn’t try at home. Our summers don’t end in superlatives or award ceremonies—we all win by being part of this special place.

Social Media, Video Games, or Cell Phones

Do, there is no scroll. It’s amazing how many other ways there are to fill a day —and a summer—when you leave your phone behind and connect with the people around you.

Required Activities

Each camper gets to choose their own adventure at Hidden Meadows. Our “challenge-by-choice” approach means that campers feel safe to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.

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