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Where do your campers come from?
The Camp Hidden Meadows community extends far and wide, but most of our campers hear about Camp Hidden Meadows by word of mouth from our current families in the Greater Washington, D.C., area including Virginia and Maryland. We also have many families from West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina. Last summer, we had 24 states and 7 countries represented in our camper population.
What does my child need to bring?

We have perfected our packing list over the years. The official packing list becomes available for enrolled families in the online Parent Portal in early Spring. Important items to note include: a rain jacket, water shoes such as crocs, a sleeping bag, and a headlamp. 

Packing List
What if my child is homesick?

Supporting campers with homesickness is our specialty and it's a normal part of sleepaway camp. If homesickness pops up in a cabin, our Directors Tony and Stacie quickly become aware so they can support the camper and their counselors to make sure they get the attention and encouragement they need. Sometimes this includes some tough love because we know that overcoming homesickness will boost a camper's confidence. As much as possible, Tony and Stacie will work with the camper to overcome homesickness before calling home. If our tactics at camp don’t seem to be working, you will hear from Tony or Stacie so we can all work together to build up your child and have a successful time at camp.

Packing List
How will my child get to camp?

Many families choose to drive to drop off or pick up their camper(s). We also provide a coach bus Shuttle Service to and from the Greater DC Area. If the drive to camp becomes inconvenient or cumbersome, we highly encourage you to utilize the Shuttle Service to camp, from camp, or both ways for your camper(s). Some families plan their trip to include a few days of exploring the area before, after, or during your camper’s session.

Do you have medical staff?

Our number one priority is the health and wellness of our campers. At Camp Hidden Meadows, we have a well-equipped, modern Health Center stocked with the supplies needed to take care of our community. We hire a dedicated team of medical staff each summer, including two Registered Nurses and a few staff members with additional first responder certifications. There is one nurse on duty at all times during the day and throughout the night.

What is the camper-to-staff ratio at Camp Hidden Meadows?

Across all of camp, our staff to camper ratio is 1:2. We hire a lot of staff to make sure our campers are supported throughout the day. We have a minimum 1:6 ratio of counselors to campers in each cabin, with 2-3 counselors in every cabin. 

What is the staff selection and training process at Camp Hidden Meadows?

During the non-summer months, hiring a dynamic, child-centered staff is our top priority. We are always looking at the most innovative ways to find counselors who are the right fit for our camp. All of our staff go through a thorough, considerate hiring process, including multiple interviews, personal and professional reference checks, and background checks. Staff members arrive one to three weeks before campers for Staff Orientation and additional certifications and training, such as for lifeguarding and climbing. Staff Orientation consists of everything from cabin life and activities to homesickness, safety, and emergency procedures.

How do campers stay connected with their families while at Camp Hidden Meadows?
Our online Parent Portal is a parent’s best friend and great resource in the summer. We have a one-way email system that allows parents to write daily emails to their camper(s). These emails are printed and delivered to the campers in their cabins. Campers write old-fashioned snail mail home. We also have a photographer on staff who takes photos throughout the day and uploads between 300 - 500 photos each day.
What is the camp's policy on technology and electronic devices?
We have a No Technology and No Electronics policy at camp. Campers should not bring these items. Cell phones, music players, personal video game devices, are not allowed in the cabins. If a camper brings a cell phone or other electronic device to camp, we will keep it in the office and return it to the camper or their parents upon their departure.
Are there any religious or spiritual programs offered at Camp Hidden Meadows?
No, Camp Hidden Meadows is a non-denominational camp. There is no religious affiliation or spirituality as part of our program. Campers join us from many different religious and ethnic backgrounds.
What is the refund/cancellation policy for Camp Hidden Meadows?
Deposits are refundable until February 1st. Tuition and Fees are refundable until April 1st. For cancellations after April 1st, the Deposit, Tuition, and Fees are all non-refundable. Further terms and conditions are included on the Camper Application when you enroll for camp.
Do you offer camper scholarships?

Yes! Kids need summer camp more than ever and we are happy to help families who cannot afford the full tuition of a session. Camp scholarships (“Camperships”) are need based and require an application. Visit our Financial Assistance page to learn more about our Campership Program.


What if I have never done these activities before?
Even better! At Camp Hidden Meadows, our goal is to help you try new things and feel confident in choosing your own adventure. Many campers come to Camp Hidden Meadows having never climbed an Alpine Tower before or made something in pottery. In our activities and culture at Camp Hidden Meadows, unfriendly competition and pressure to be the best simply do not exist. Our community of kindness instills sportsmanship and the natural impulse to build up those around you.
Where will I sleep and shower?
Campers sleep on bunk beds in our simple but cozy cabins. On the girls’ side, most cabins have a bathroom inside them including showers. Cabins without bathrooms or showers would have a bath and shower house right outside their cabin. On the boys side, all bathrooms and showers are located outside of their cabin very close by (10-20 yards at most) and within their area of cabins (called a Village).
How many campers are in a cabin?
Campers are in a cabin of between 6-14 campers and 2-3 counselors depending on the layout of the cabin and age group. Our ratio is 1:6 counselors to campers in the cabin.
Can I stay more than one session?

You can stay or attend for more than one session. If a camper is attending for consecutive sessions, there is a limit on the number of camper spots available to stay over on the weekend for an additional fee. Parents can also pick up their camper on Saturday for a one-night visit in-between sessions, and then drop them off again on Sunday. Contact our office to learn more about attending for more than one session at Camp Hidden Meadows.

Will my laundry be washed?
Campers staying for two weeks or more have their laundry done once a week by our incredible housekeeping staff.
What’s the weather like?
During the day, temperatures average between 70 and 85 degrees, typically with clean, dry air. At night, temperatures usually fall to between 55 and 65 - perfect for an evening by the campfire or snuggling up in your sleeping bag.
What is the food like at Camp Hidden Meadows? Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?

We work hard to create a kid-friendly, healthy menu for three meals a day and two snack breaks between meals. Each meal has well-rounded options to fill their plate, and standard alternatives that are offered every day if campers do not want the main dish. For example, fresh fruit and yogurt on the buffet for breakfast every morning, and a salad bar available for every lunch and dinner. Learn more about food and nutrition at Camp:

Food + Nutrition
Can I request to be in the same cabin as my friend?
Campers may request up to two cabin mates of other campers who are attending for the same dates of a session. While cabin requests are not guaranteed, Tony and Stacie make every effort to accommodate requests where possible and where it makes sense for cabin life. A group of three or more campers requesting each other may be split up to encourage making new friends and a sense of community within each cabin.

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