Camp Traditions

Campers having fun swimming

Polar Bear Plunge

Each morning, campers and staff have the opportunity to do the Polar Bear Plunge. They wake up early to jump in the river for a morning dip. If you participate five days in a row during your session, you’ll see your name up in the Lodge on that summer’s Polar Bear Club board!

Thank You Circle

Before dinner each day, our community gathers to show our gratitude. Usually by village, campers and staff form a circle and everyone has the opportunity to share something they are grateful for or shoutout a friend.
Campers in thank you circle
Broom Dance Club

The Broom Dance Club

The Broom Dance is a skit that takes place at Campfire. Only after you perform the broom dance correctly will you become an official member of The Broom Dance Club.

The Big Zip

Every camper has the opportunity to ride on our 1,000 foot zipline while they’re at camp. Start up in the trees and zip down into camp and across the river!

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