Camp Activities

Our goal is to offer each camper an opportunity to participate in as many activities as possible. There are no additional fees for out-of-camp trips such rock climbing or biking.  For campers staying two weeks or longer there is no additional charge for the whitewater rafting trip, Via Ferrata, or zip line canopy tour. The only additional activity fees are for campers who choose to have horse riding lessons or participate in our fly-fishing clinic.


Water activites are a big part of the summer with Hidden Meadows. On any given day campers can be found swimming in our pool or pond, canoeing and sailing at nearby Lake Buffalo, white water rafting the New River Gorge, or knee deep in our own stream learning about aquatic life. Canoeing, kayaking and standup paddle boarding provide a chance to unwind and take in some beautiful scenery. Gliding quietly through the water we work on refining our paddling techniques and relish the occasional friendly canoe race.


Refine your paddle techniques with the occasional friendly canoe race at nearby Lake Buffalo.

Dam Building

Cool off in our stream and create some fun waterways.


We offer one person and two person kayaks.

Polar Bear Plunge!

Each morning campers have the option to take a dip in the river in anticipation of becoming a life-long member of the Polar Bear Club.

Pool Party

Water, games, music and hanging out with your cabin group and other campers your age.

Recreational Swimming

Our new heated pool offers lap lanes and a play area with a volleyball net and two basketball hoops. Swimming in the pool is a big hit with all ages! Available as a cabin activity and during Free Swim each afternoon.


A few minutes from camp, Lake Buffalo offers a good breeze,beautiful views, and the occasional bald eagle spotting. We offer instruction on Snark sailboats and savor this free ride from nature.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Glide quietly through the water.

Swim Instruction

Along with recreational swimming, certified lifeguards offer more formal swim instruction as a morning workshop for those interested in refining or maybe even learning new stroke techniques.


Our freshwater pond features a fun waterslide for fun and relaxation on summer afternoons. Available for all ages throughout the camp program.

White Water Rafting

The New River Gorge offers some of the best whitewater rapids in the US, and we partner with the very best guiding service to offer a day of adventure on the water. One of our most popular trips! Ages 12+ *Available for campers staying for two weeks or longer*

Sports & Fitness

Campers enjoy our wide-open playing fields, courts and variety of games. We offer both instructional classes for skill building and informal games for just about anyone in a program which stresses fun and good sportsmanship. Kickball, badminton, lacrosse, cricket, Ultimate Frisbee, and foosball are popular choices that are available many afternoons or in the cool of the evening.


Our quality equipment and certified instructors make archery one of our most popular camp activities. Many campers come back again and again to improve their archery skills, while others are eager to try shooting a bow and arrow for the first time. Our creative games and fun challenges make archery at Camp Hidden Meadows legendary.


Pick-up games of basketball are always popular before and after dinner at our full size outdoor court. Available as a Camper Choice and Afternoon Activity.

Beach Volleyball

Our all-sand beach volleyball court is a great place on a sunny afternoon.

Disc Golf

Way more fun than the director ever knew! Disc golf is a big hit with our campers, and our staff have developed a great course around camp. Campers can sign up for a period that includes drives, putts, and avoiding hazards.

Gaga Ball

Gaga Ball is a classic camp activity that is fun for all ages and abilities. Many campers say that challenging their cabin mates to a round of Gaga is their favorite part of camp!


Join your friends for a fun game of Kickball! Kickball (also known as soccer baseball) is very similar to baseball.


We take advantage of international coaching talents as we head out to the soccer (also known as football) field for some legendary games.

Ultimate Frisbee

An American classic and Hidden Meadows tradition. Fun for the beginner as well as the Frisbee enthusiast ... you don‘t want to miss our Ultimate games.


Some people say how you do yoga is how you do your life. Inspired by our quest to promote a healthy life style, our goal is to have fun while increasing flexibility and promoting core strength.

Creative Arts

Our applied arts program offers much more than your standard friendship bracelet activity (although we do love tying friendship bracelets!). Our qualified and talented art instructors ensure that each camper’s creative powers are given room to expand. Regardless of ability, everyone is given the opportunity to discover a new talent and hone his or her skills. Along with traditional camp crafts, we offer a wide variety of visual, creative, performing, and even culinary arts.

Arts & Crafts

We offer a wide variety of crafts in our morning and afternoon periods.

CHM Radio Station

Learn all the ins and outs of being a DJ, including how to use low-power radio broadcasting equipment. Create your own game or talk show, conduct interviews, choose music from our camp‘s music library, and announce CHM news. CHM Radio will broadcast to various on site activity locations, so your friends can hear your shout-outs, stories, and song selections.

Culinary Arts

Jen’s famous root beer, Beth’s salsa, Nat’s homemade pizza and pasta ... the list goes on and sampling is always a big hit. Our culinary arts classes give you the chance to get creative in producing all sorts of delights. Many of our ingredients come directly from our own garden allowing us to experience first-hand a true plow-to-table experience.


Our new dance pavilion is a great place to enjoy jazz, hip hop, modern, and salsa dance. Designed for every skill level the focus is on learning and having fun. Experience is not a prerequisite and all campers are encouraged to join in. Campers are given the opportunity to showcase their talents to the entire camp during our evening talent nights.


Our performances, like our campers, come in all shapes and sizes. These can be as simple as a short skit developed by you and your cabin mates or more elaborate drama productions. Drama and stage production classes are offered each week with a performance the last evening of camp.


Campers can be found getting creative with pencils, crayons, watercolors and acrylics, often incorporating the beauty of camp into the works. Available throughout the camp program and as a Morning Workshop.

Friendship Bracelets

What would camp be without time making a friendship bracelet?

GoPro Video & Editing

Spend a week exploring camp and capturing it all on video. While shooting underwater video at the pool or watching wildlife by the river, our GoPro class experiences it all and captures the best camp moments on video. Edit your clips, choose some background music, and premiere your video for all of camp at the Friday Awards Ceremony.

Guitar and Singing

Music plays an important role at camp, with opportunities to learn and practice drumming, guitar, and singing. We encourage everyone to join in and welcome you to bring your own instrument or use one of ours. Available throughout the camp program and as a Morning Workshop.

Jewelry Making

What would camp be without friendship bracelets and tie-dye t-shirts? We offer these and more including jewelry making, FIMO sculpturing, rock painting, leather craft and other fun crafts to keep the creative juices flowing.

Leather Crafts

Campers enjoy this as part of our arts and crafts offerings.

Model Rocketry

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… blast off! Few things are more thrilling than building and launching your own rocket. Our Friday evening launching events are always a hit with the entire camp. Available as a Morning Workshop.


Our ceramics studio has everything you need to explore the fascinating world of clay. Some campers enjoy spending hours working at one of our pottery wheels forming a cup or bowl. Other campers lean more towards making sculptures with clay. Available in the Pottery Morning Workshop and as an Afternoon Activity.

Sketching and Painting

Our instructors promote the idea that everyone can draw and paint. Campers can be found getting creative with pencils, crayons, watercolors and acrylics, often incorporating the beauty of camp into their works. At any time of day, there are campers enjoying the Art Village, some poring over their work in concentrated silence, others chatting casually, listening to music.


There is something timeless about making your own birdhouse or bookshelf at summer camp. It really is more than a souvenir. Like so many things at camp, woodworking never goes out of style and is popular with all ages of boys and girls. Available as a Morning Workshop.


A camp classic that never lets you down.

Science Exploration

Our Science Exploration Program is perfect for kids who have a hunger for knowledge. These activities teach environmental awareness and appreciation.

Ecology Hikes

Afternoon hikes exploring camp’s wild places or trekking into the nearby national forests. Wildlife spotting is likely and fun is guaranteed.

Stream Hikes

Explore the East Fork of the Greenbrier and learn that lives in our crystal clear waters.

Stream Studies

Our setting lends itself to in-depth exploration of the woods, fields, and streams throughout camp. Stream studies help teach environmental awareness and appreciation. Available throughout the camp program and in the Eco Explorer Morning Workshop.

Outdoor Adventure

Our Outdoor Adventure Program takes us to some beautiful wilderness settings. Right in our own backyard await some of the finest crags to climb and beautiful areas where we hike, camp, bike, and explore.

1000-Foot Zip Line

Our “Big Zip” is an exhilarating ride available for all ages! Every camper will get an opportunity to soar over roof tops and rivers and through the woods and fields. One of our most popular and memorable experiences at camp. Available for all ages as part of the camp program.


During these trips we explore the dense forest trails and mountain vistas that surround camp. Carrying everything we need with us, we set up our own shelters and cook our own meals on the trail. We also put to practice our map and compass, GPS, and outdoor living skills, but most importantly, we concentrate on simply enjoying the surrounding beauty.


With a great trout stream flowing through the middle of camp, it’s not difficult to find campers casting a line. Every summer, campers who have never fished before discover it to be one of their favorite activities of the summer. Spin casting and fly fishing equipment are available during free time and evening classes at no additional cost.

High Ropes Course

High in the trees, attached by a climbing harness, campers can explore our challenge course as they move from tree to tree and eventually fly through the air on the exhilarating high zip line. With highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment, this series of high elements is an incredible builder of self-confidence as well as a great team-building experience.


Stretch your legs and take in some views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Indoor Climbing Wall

Rock climbing instruction begins in our climbing barn where campers can learn and practice their techniques on an indoor climbing wall and bouldering wall. Available in the High Adventure Morning Workshop and the Climbing Combo New Adventure.

Mountain Bike Skills Course

Hone your cycling skills in our bike park with elements ranging from beginner to challenging. Feel the rush as you ride downhill, maneuver the rock garden and test out the wall ride. Bikes, helmets, and protective gear provided so you and your friends can have maximum fun!

Mountain Boarding

Mountain boarding is the latest downhill sensation. Think of it as snowboarding on wheels, or maybe surfing on dirt. The sport of mountain boarding combines technology from biking, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Donned with loads of protective gear, we venture to our high meadow to surf the dirt and have some serious fun.

Outdoor Climbing Tower

Instruction begins at camp with the introduction of fundamental safety systems and basic techniques for climbing. Using the climbing tower, we begin with learning rope-handling skills, emphasizing consistency in our technique. With the quality instruction of advanced climbers, we will have you feeling confident about your climbing abilities and ready for new challenges.

Outdoor Cooking

Learn how to prepare some tasty meals and treats for your next camping trip.

Outdoor Living Skills

Map and compass, survival skills and shelter building are all part of the adventure.

Rock Climbing

Trips to Seneca Rocks and local climbing sites are numerous. Some sites are bold rock faces while others are made of cracks and chimneys. We choose a site where there are a variety of climbs set up so that there is always an appropriate climb for you.

Tree Climbing

Who doesn’t like to climb a tree (a big tree at that)? Well, this is camp, so we need to attach a rope to you and you have to wear a helmet. What a great way to take in the view of camp!

Woodland Zip Line

Our original zip line located at our ropes course offers and great way to return to the ground.

Nature & Animals

Our animals are a huge hit during the summer. Bunny rabbits, sheep, alpacas, pigs, chickens, goats, and Ginger the cat, all love the attention our campers give them. It is a wonderful way to interact with animals, and learning to care for them is both fun and educational.

Care of Farm Animals

Our animals are a huge hit during the summer. Bunny rabbits, sheep, alpacas, pigs, chickens, goats, and Ginger the cat, all love the attention our campers give them. It is a wonderful way to interact with animals, and learning to care for them is both fun and educational.

Farm to Table Cooking

Using items from our own garden and a neighboring organic farm we create some wonderful meals.

Horse Care Classes

Horse care classes are a great way to interact with our horses without riding. Learn brushing, braiding, and grooming with our friendly horses. Classes are offered daily prior to dinner and are available to all campers at no additional fee. No riding included.

Horseback Riding

In our ACA accredited riding program, campers choose from two riding plans, ranging from one lesson per day to a full half-day in the saddle. We teach at the entry level as well as more experienced riders. Learning to handle these beautiful creatures teaches respect for animals and builds self-confidence.

Nature Crafts

We offer FIMO sculpturing, rock painting, and other fun crafts to keep the creative juice flowing.

Organic Gardening

Gathering eggs for breakfast and harvesting vegetables for the kitchen allow campers to experience first hand the forgotten path from farm field to dinner table. Hidden Meadows maintains an organic gardening operation, using many of the same farming practices that took place prior to the changes in agriculture during the 20th century.

Out of Camp Trips & New Adventures

Our out-of-camp trip program is unique in that it offers campers the chance to explore some pristine wilderness areas and return “home” to the comforts of camp for a hot shower and additional in-camp activities. We have found this to be a fantastic combination. West Virginia is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s Shangri-La. Majestic mountains, rolling valleys, whitewater rivers and dense forest set the scene for our programs. We are in the middle of it all and take full advantage of the many recreational locations unique to our area. New Adventure options are available for those campers who want big adventure without leaving the camp property. Acorns (campers aged 6-8) participate in field trips to Lake Buffalo, Green Bank Observatory or the Steam Train Excusion, while campers aged 9-16 choose one Out of Camp trip or New Adventure per week. No additional charge for Out of Camp Trips or New Adventures!

Cooking Extravaganza

Take a culinary journey around the world without leaving camp! Our cooking extravaganza spends an afternoon creating and sampling culinary delights. Perfect for the budding chef or anyone who loves food. Ages 9+

Climbing Combo

An afternoon of climbing around camp using our indoor climbing and bouldering walls, outdoor climbing tower, and climbing tree. Ages 9+

Green Bank Observatory: Astronomy Science Center

Visit the world’s largest moving telescope right here in the West Virginia wilds. Campers love this fun and educational field trip to an interactive science center and tour of several radio telescopes. All Ages.

Greenbrier River Rail Trail Bike Trip

Biking, swimming, and ice cream are three classic pastimes of summer! This trip combines all three. Campers pedal along the beautiful and serene West Fork of the Greenbrier River until they reach a scenic swimming hole. After the return bike ride, they stop in the town of Durbin for ice cream and return to camp with stories of their adventure. Ages 12+

Lake Buffalo

An afternoon at nearby Lake Buffalo includes canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and relaxing at a quiet and scenic National Forest lake. You may even spot a bald eagle! All Ages.

Mountain Boarding Mega-Afternoon

Mountain boarding is the latest downhill sensation. Think of it as snowboarding on wheels, or maybe surfing on dirt. For the ultimate mountain boarding experience, spend a full afternoon at our mountain boarding hill and enjoy one of the best views of camp from the top. Ages 9+

Rock Climbing at Seneca Rocks

Climbing trips at world famous Seneca Rocks are a popular attraction. This impressive rock formation rises 900 feet above the valley floor and is one of West Virginia’s most recognizable landmarks. We choose a site with a variety of climbs set up so that there is always an appropriate challenge for each camper. Ages 9+

Steam Train Excursion! (New)

Travel in open and closed vintage train cars behind a real steam engine along the scenic Greenbrier River. The ride offers many beautiful river and mountain views and an opportunity to watch the engineers shovel coal to fire the steam engine. See West Virginia the way that travelers did over a hundred years ago. *Available for campers staying 2 weeks or longer. All Ages

Via Ferrata Climbing Adventure

A one of a kind adventure experience, offering a mile of fixed-anchor, professionally-guided rock climbing. During this 3 ½ - 5 hour climb you’ll gain 1085 feet in elevation, cross a suspension bridge that is 150 feet high and 200 feet long, and reach exposed heights of 280 feet. Ages 13+ *Available for campers staying for two weeks or longer*

White Water
Rafting Trip

The New River Gorge offers some of the best whitewater rapids in the US, and we partner with the very best guiding service to offer a day of adventure on the water. One of our most popular trips! Ages 12+ *Available for campers staying for two weeks or longer*

Zip Line Canopy Tour

This out of camp trip takes place in the nearby North Fork Valley and will have you soaring through the trees. Different than our own 1000 foot zip line, this canopy tour includes twelve zip lines, three sky bridges, and a 40 foot rappel. Ages 12+ *Available for campers staying for two weeks of longer*

Optional Program Enrichments

Available each week of Traditional or Acorn Camp as a program enrichment.

Equestrian Camp

Equestrian Camp is an ideal option for the serious horse lover. A week of Equestrian Camp includes a half day of horse riding instruction and the remaining time participating in favorite camp activities such as the big zip and out of camp trips. Available each week of Traditional Camp for boys and girls ages 9-16 for an additional fee of $200 per week.

Fly Fishing Clinic

We offer fly fishing as an afternoon clinic complete with our own top notch equipment and Orvis-endorsed instructors. Our free flowing stream is always full of fish, providing the perfect environment to learn the timeless art of fly fishing. $85 per week for fly fishing clinic. We also offer our traditional fishing classes during camper choice at no additional cost

Horse Riding Lessons

English riding lessons are available to all ages and offered at both the beginner and the more experienced level. Riding lessons takes place at camp with experienced instructors and well-cared for horses. Lessons take place four times per week and are available each week during the summer at an additional fee of $110 per week.

American Camp Association Accredited