Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have lots of questions about Camp Hidden Meadows. Browse through our most commonly asked questions to find an answer. If you still need help with something, call us at 800-600-4752.

1What do I need to bring?

Mostly just yourself and a willingness to try new things. We provide all activity equipment and ask that you only bring bedding, toiletries, and other personal items.  Please refer to our Packing List for suggestions.

2What if I have never done these activities before?
3Where will I sleep and shower?
4Can I stay more than one session?
5What if my child is homesick?
6How will I get there?
7Will my laundry be washed?
8What kind of medical coverage do you have?
9What’s the weather like?
10Where does everyone come from?
11Where will I sleep and shower?
12How do campers choose their activities?
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