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A Breath of fresh mountain air...

We take great care to provide guests with a warm and welcoming home away from home. 

Our 7,000 square foot lodge is often the focal point when you are not out exploring Here we eat our meals and relax around the woodstove. The lodge includes a quiet area for board games and reading as well as an area for group games and viewing movies.

Our cabins are cozy with several options depending on your group's needs. Several of our cabins have bunk beds and an attached private room for a group leader. We also have private cabins with full-size beds for couples.

We offer a complete meal option for groups of 20 or more. For smaller groups, we offer access to our community kitchen for DIY meals. We can also provide a hybrid of these two options with our staff providing a basic breakfast and DYI for the remainder of the day.

Recreational facilities
Groups have access to our basketball court, sand volleyball courts, disc golf course, and Gaga pit. Depending on the weather and time of year we can arrange for time on our climbing wall, 1000 foot zip line, and swimming pool.  

Internet access is available in the lodge.
American Camp Association Accredited

17739 Potomac Highland Trail, Bartow, WV 24920   |   Call 800-600-4752