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Winter Mountain School

Dates:  Sunday, February 14 - Saturday, February 27, 2021

Ages:  Grades 8th -10th, Coed
All-inclusive tuition:  $2,100
Limited enrollment: 30 students

Enrollment Questions:  
Phone: 304-456-5191

The Winter Mountain School offers a setting where students can continue their academic endeavors while expanding their horizons. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic there is tremendous value to be found in taking time to re-center oneself. The structured program promotes both explorations of personal interest and the value of teamwork within a community. 

Our tranquil mountain setting has been welcoming students since 1992. We believe there has never been a greater need for what we offer. A place where life is simple and free from worldly distractions.  A place where uncertainty and anxiety can be replaced with new discoveries. A place where young people's needs come first. 

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Remote Learning, & Academic Support

Remote Learning in a Mountain Setting
Students will continue with their regularly scheduled classes during their stay with us. There will be a variety of locations throughout our facility used as classrooms so that we can provide our students with both a quiet and personally appealing space to do their schoolwork.  The majority of students will most likely choose our lodge which offers easy access to snacks and drinks.  Additional choices will include spaces in our year-round camp office.

Academic Support
Our staff will assist the students essentially in the same manner as most parents do in remote schooling.  Our staff will be providing social and emotional support, helping ensure the campers are fulfilling their commitments but leave the teaching to the schoolteachers.

On-site tutoring will be available in math, physics, and English composition and writing. This is available at no additional cost. Staff profiles may be viewed HERE

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Parent Involvemnt

Parents will need to submit a school schedule for their children prior to arrival so that we can anticipate and plan daily events.  We believe it important for students to have the opportunity to stretch their legs, grab a snack, and take a break.  Knowing each student's schedule will allow us to organize each day.  Every student will have a specific staff member who will ensure that they know their schedule and attends their classes, take quizzes and tests, participate in group projects, etc. This individual can provide informal check-in/updates to parents upon request.  


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Lodge and Cabins


Our 7,000 square foot lodge is the focal point during the winter months. Here we eat our meals and relax around the woodstove after a hike.  The lodge includes a quiet area for board games and reading as well as an area for group games or viewing movies 

Each cabin houses 7-8 students and a supervising staff member. Cabins include bunk beds but for the purposes of the Winter Mountain School, each participant will be assigned a full bunk bed. Bathrooms are contained within the cabin and include showers with private changing areas.

We have reliable internet with new infrastructure recently installed in our area. Internet access will be available in the lodge but will not be available in the cabins.  The daily schedule will allow time for participants to catch up with friends and family via their device.
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COVID-19 Plan and Health Center

Creating a safe and stable environment, free of COVID-19, is a top priority for us.  Preparation will be key to a successful program. Attendance will require a quarantine period and a COVID-19 test prior to arrival.  We have arranged for a medical team to provide rapid testing on the day of your arrival.  

A more detailed game plan for COVID-19 may be accessed HERE

Our Health Center has private rooms should a student require to be away from their cabin.  All medications are distributed at our Health Center.

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Meals, Communication, Packing List & Laundry.

Food & Snacks
We are excited that one of our summer chefs is available for our winter program. This means a wide array of meals that can cater to meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. We are a nut-free facility and can accommodate most food allergies. Healthy snacks including a selection of fruit and power bars will be available during study hours as well as non-caffeinated drinks (water, tea, and juice). Hot Chocolate and Frappe mix will be available in the mornings and in the afternoons. An evening snack will also be available. 

Communication with your student
Packages and other mail can be received daily. Cell phones are permitted but you will need to have wifi calling set up on your phone. We find texting and zoom calls to be the easiest. Our office staff can relay messages in the event your child is slow in returning your message :).  

Packing List
The joys of winter include colder temperatures.  Be sure you follow the packing list to ensure a comfortable experience

Laundry service is included and will be done partway through the two-week session or as needed.

Explore the Camp

Our location has been described by many as breathtaking. As you follow the trail through the riverside meadows and across the bridge you come to our “camp village.” Here you will find our office, health center, dining hall, cabins, art center, and a host of recreational and training facilities such as our sports fields, basketball court, bike skills park, equestrian arena, pond, climbing walls, challenge course, swimming pool, and more. Beyond the camp village is where much of the magic takes place amongst the meadows and endless forest. Savoring a freshly picked carrot from our gardens or taking in the view from the high meadows on a mountain board run are long remembered. It is here where the fundamental joy of being a kid is all the excitement that is needed.

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