2019 COVID-19 Protocols


We can’t wait for camp to begin! And, we want to thank you in advance for helping to ensure a healthy, fun filled summer for all our campers! As the time to drop your camper off at camp draws near we want to share our current COVID-19 plan. The COVID-19 situation is constantly changing and evolving, and we will update our procedures as needed to reflect current guidance and best practices.

7 Days Prior to Camp Arrival

All campers should practice a COVID-Safe routine (i.e. low risk behavior) during the 7 days prior to camp arrival. During this period, families should follow CDC guidelines, to ensure that the lowest exposure risk possible is taken prior to arrival.

We ask that all campers continue to…

  • Wear a mask.
  • Maintain distance from people outside your household.
  • Wash hands with soap and water frequently.
  • Utilize curbside store/restaurant services or delivery services.

We ask that all campers do not…

  • Eat at a restaurant indoors.
  • Gather in large groups outside of your immediate household (playdates, sleep overs, or parties).
  • Travel unnecessarily.

If your camper is unvaccinated, all out-of-household interactions must meet a minimum 2 out of 3 of the following criteria:

  • Be outdoors
  • 6 feet physical distance
  • Mask worn over both nose and mouth

Fully vaccinated campers may interact openly with other fully vaccinated individuals. Fully vaccinated is defined as a full two weeks after the second shot of Pfizer or Moderna, and two weeks after the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Can my camper go to a Day Camp during the 7 days prior to camp arrival? Day camps, when proper procedures such as distancing and masking are in place, is a low risk activity. Please be sure the day camp is following proper masking and distancing protocols that match our expectations.

Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Testing

For non-vaccinated campers, a COVID-19 PCR test will be required. The test should be taken mid-week prior to your arrival at camp. The negative test should be brought to camp and presented at check-in. 

For campers who are fully vaccinated a COVID-19 PCR test is not required prior to camp. The vaccination card can be uploaded to your Camp Hidden Meadows CampInTouch account to the “COVID-19 Vaccination Card” form at least 3 days prior to arrival. If a vaccination card is not uploaded in advance, the camper will be required to arrive on opening day with a printed copy of the vaccination card or a COVID-19 PCR Test, taken mid-week prior to your arrival.

Arrival Day

What will arrival day look like? Arrival day will look different than a typical summer at Camps Hidden Meadows. Upon arrival, all campers will be tested for COVID-19 (a rapid, antigen test). Once a negative COVID-19 test result is shown, staff will  check in your camper, bring luggage to their cabins, and help the camper settle into their cabin. This summer we will not be able to offer tours of camp. Only campers will be able to enter cabins.

Arrival times will be staggered to allow for these extra steps: we ask families with the last name starting with A-G to aim to arrive between 1-2pm; G-N to arrive between 2-3; and M-Z between 3-4pm. If you are unable to arrive during your scheduled time or are carpooling with campers with a different last name, that's okay! If most families are able to arrive during their time slot it will help us ensure a speedy check-in process. 

What is the camp mask policy for summer 2021? The goal of our pre-camp protocols and testing is to create a safe space within our camp community, where campers and counselors can create a camp pod and go unmasked as much as possible. However, there will be times when campers and staff will be required to wear masks including when entering the dining hall and taking their seats and when in a vehicle if your camper is participating in an off-camp trip. Please follow CDC guidelines when selecting appropriate two-layer minimum masks, and send multiple masks to camp. (Masks must completely cover both nose and mouth. Exhalation valves, gaiters or bandanas are not accepted)

What if a camper exhibits COVID-19 symptoms while at camp? If a camper exhibits symptoms of COIVD-19, a rapid COIVD-19 test will be preformed. If a camper tests positive for COVID-19, the camper will be isolated and the camper’s parents/guardians will be asked to promptly pick up their child from camp. Please be sure either you or your emergency contacts are able and willing to pick up your camper if a positive test is received.

How will the Dining Hall operate for summer 2021? Meals will operate in two shifts to allow for the Dining Hall to be approximately 50% full at any time. Windows will be open for additional ventilation. Family groups will be spaced from one other and tables will be distanced to ensure proper spacing between cabin groups. 

We’d like to thank you in advance for helping us ensure a safe and amazing summer for all our campers! If you have any further questions regarding our COVID-19 protocols, please feel free to contact us.


Tom Bryant


American Camp Association Accredited